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Make Plesk 8.0.1 work inside a FreeBSD 6.1 jail

Posted by mafiaid on 10 August 2007

Plesk works nice inside an FreeBSD 6.1 jail.
You will have to do the following things.

First set the following sysctl’s in /etc/sysctl.conf
security.jail.sysvipc_allowed=1 #needed for postgress
security.jail.enforce_statfs=1 #The users now can see the read only ports
security.jail.allow_raw_sockets=1 # allow ping and traceroute
Or do them manual with sysctl.

mount_procfs proc /jaildisk1/pleskjail/proc #procfs is needed

Login to the jail and install /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8
and /usr/ports/archivers/gtar.

Cheat the uname -a with
mv /usr/bin/uname /usr/bin/
And replace uname with the following simple script

# let Plesk installation believe that you have FreeBSD 6.0
/usr/bin/ $* | sed “s/6.1/6.0/g”
chmod 755 /usr/bin/uname

Maybe you will have to do chflags -R noschg /jaildisk1/pleskjail first to remove the flags!

Note, this only works with the 8.0.1 version!!

With the mijail patch you can have multiple ipaddresses inside the jail!
This method does have the advantage that you can rsync the complete jail, and make a hotstandby server.

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