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Spam Filtering: spamassassin Utility

Posted by mafiaid on 21 August 2007

The spamassassin utility is used to manage the Spamassassin spam filter through CLI. By using this utility, you can perform the following tasks:

Enabling or disabling server-wide spam filtering
Setting the criteria for automatic labeling of incoming messages as spam
Enabling or disabling use of mail-name specific spam filtering criteria
Adding e-mail messages to the Spamassassin’s black and white lists
Mark e-mail subjects as spam
Deleting spam automatically
Inserting custom text into spam message subject lines automatically


The following command line enables Spamassassin filter on mail name, enable the use of mail name-specific Spamassassin filter settings, set the minimum score of 3 for marking e-mail messages as spam and enables deleting spam messages automatically from the mail box:

# ./spamassassin –update -status true -personal-conf true -reject-spam true -hits 3


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