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Installing Wine on Mac OS X

Posted by mafiaid on 12 October 2007

Downloading Wine on Mac OS X

Before downloading Wine you should be aware that the distribution package might be far behind the current state of Wine, in this case it’s better to “build Wine from scratch“. This requires to install XCode from Apple, the development package for MacOS X shipped (but not pre-installed) with your Mac.

Please note that you should use Wine and not Darwine for Intel CPU based Macs.

Downloading The Distribution Package

When you go to the download page of the Darwine’s project home you’ll be confronted with following selection:


If you’ve got a new Mac with Intel processor you’ve got to select the middle one (x86). The “(Universal)” only contains some source files that are of no use if you just want to run Windows applications the simple way.

You’ll be redirected to a download site named then, this looks like this: Darwine-Download2

Select a file mirror close to your location for getting a fast connection; shortly after you might be asked where to put the downloaded file – take care of it where you put it resp. where your web browser puts it.

Installing Darwine

After downloading you’ve got the following file:

Warning: this is for the SDK not the Darwine Application folder, which should simply be drag&dropped onto the Application folder. Please correct the above if you agree –[[Pidherbemont|Pidherbemont]]

Darwine-dwpkg1 This is an image file of Apple. It contains a copy of a virtual data medium; when you open it, it is mounted like a CD-ROM, therefore you can’t edit its content usually, and it is only available when you have mounted it. – Open it.

Darwine-dwpkg2 This symbol appears on the desktop then for external storage devices – and mounted image files; when you have installed Darwine you might “eject” (unmount) this. But you don’t have to open it normally because when you mount a data medium its content is shown automatically.

Darwine-dwpkg3 Finally this is the package containing Darwine, packed inside of the image file. Simply open it to initiate a setup process you might be used from Windows. The PGK files are the intended standard method of installing software in MacOS X. You will have to accept a license also though, but this is just the GNU Lesser General Public License so you don’t have to worry about.

Darwine will be installed in your Applications folder then, further EXE-Files are assigned automatically to the WINE engine.

Setting Up Darwine

You should first run Wine without executing programs. Go into your Applications folder (you find it in the side list of the Finder Window), and enter the folder “Darwine”. Run “”. Open the menu entries “WineHelper->Configure Wine…” and “WineHelper->Preferences” without making any changes. Then quit WineHelper (e.g. by pressing Command+Q). – Quitting WineHelper forces to save the settings file.

Darwine-winehelpercfg When opening “Configure Wine…” the first time WineHelper might be busy for some moments. Don’t kill it just because you’re impatient…

Go even deeper in the Darwine folder into “Sample WineLib Applications”. These are not just samples but also tools. You’ll need especially winecfg.exe and regedit.exe to set up Darwine properly. Don’t be irritated by the look of some of those applications – they are not the real applications shipped with Windows but simply freeware imitations, part of the WINE project.

You may also jump at the chance and make your desired settings when running winecfg.exe the first time.

Uninstalling Wine

Wine does not affect your system, it simply uses some harddisk space. For complete removal you’ll have to remove the Darwine folder in the Applications folder, the invisible folder “.wine” in your user folder and “” in your Preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences).

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