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Leopard on SSE2 Howto

Posted by mafiaid on 30 October 2007

Copy Paste dari

Thanks to vboyz for great howto

OK folks, this is a quick mini howto on getting Leopard on your SSE2 machine. I got it to work on my Dell 9300.

Not working: System Profiler crashes every time.
Working: almost everything else include Sigmatel sound, Geforce 6800 go with natit, wireless (Atheros), wired (broadcom) internet

OK here it goes.

1. Follow the BrazilMac’s guide to patch the original leopard down to SL DVD. Leave it there once done. Note: this will shrink the DVD size down to single layer DVD. To make it full Dual Layer, if you want, I think you can just edit the script not to remove the files (?) not tested though.
2. Follow this link and download the kernel patcher to bring it down to SSE2. Note: you will need to extract the mach_kernel from your original UNTOUCHED DMG. The patched kernel will be named as “mach_kernel.hacked” rename it to “mach_kernel”
3. Now, you should have a patch dvd and a SSE2 kernel on your desktop (or somewhere else), open a terminal and type: “hdiutil attach -readwrite $path_to_patch_dvd -owners no” (no quotes). This will allows you to mount the iso in writable mode. In terminal, type “cd /Volumes/xxx” where xxx is the label for the patch DVD iso.
4. Now we need to rename the mach_kernel which came from the patched DVD (because it is SSE3 kernel), by typing: “mv mach_kernel mach_kernel.sse3”
5. Then, copy the SSE2 kernel on your desktop to here by typing: “cp /Users/xxx/Desktop/mach_kernel .”
6. Exit out of the terminal, then right click on the mounted DVD ISO and eject it.
7. Burn the DVD, boot and install. Note: during installation, choose your language, then select a drive to install and click Customize and deselect everything.
8. Once installation finished, run the however you want (either thru tiger or usb drive).


9. There are 2 kext from Tiger that you will need: the dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext without these you will get Leopard kernel panic.
10. Now boot into single mode of Leopard, copy the dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext from tiger partition (or wherever else) to /System/Library/Extensions, overwrite the existing ones (because they are for SSE3 I think)
11. Repair persmision and such and reboot.
12. Now you have Leopard on SSE2 machine.



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