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TravelMate 4150 system profile OSX

Posted by mafiaid on 11 November 2007

Hardware Overview:

      Machine Name: Apple Development Platform
      Machine Model: ADP2,1
      Processor Speed: 1.73 GHz
      Number Of Processors: 0
      Total Number Of Cores: 1
      Memory: 1 GB
      Bus Speed: 533 MHz
      L2 Cache: 2 MB

Built-in Ethernet:

      Type: Ethernet
      Hardware: Ethernet
      BSD Device Name: en0
      Has IP Assigned: Yes

          MAC Address: 00:0f:b0:7b:a9:94
          Media Options: Full Duplex
          Media Subtype: 100baseTX

System Software Overview:

      System Version: Mac OS X 10.4.8 (8L2127)
      Kernel Version: Darwin 8.8.1
      Boot Volume: OSX
      Computer Name: Agus Priyadi’s Computer
      User Name: Agus Priyadi (aguspriyadi)


    Intel GMA 900:
      Chipset Model: GMA 900
      Type: Display
      Bus: Built-In
      VRAM (Total): 64 MB of shared system memory
      Vendor: Intel (0×8086)
      Device ID: 0×2592
      Revision ID: 0×0003
        Color LCD:
          Resolution: 1024 x 768
          Depth: 32-bit Color
          Built-In: Yes
          Core Image: Supported
          Main Display: Yes
          Mirror: Off
          Online: Yes
          Quartz Extreme: Supported

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