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GMA900 with qe/ci

Posted by mafiaid on 25 November 2007

I have got my gma900 working with qe/ci support. I followed this guide…tz-extreme.html, but if you dont speak spanish i will lay it out here.

1) Get the AppleIntel915.kext from a previous 10.4.x install DVD

2) Edit the Info.plist in that kext so that any instance of a 915 bundle or plugin reads GMA900 where 915 is

3) Replace the AppleIntelGMA950.kext with your now modded AppleIntel915.kext

4) Repair permissions on the /Extensions/ folder

5) Type sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ QuartzGLEnabled -boolean YES in terminal

6) Type sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ Compositor -dict deferredUpdates 0 in terminal

7) Reboot

After doing these steps, your system profiler should read that core image is hardware accelerated, quartz extreme is supported, and quartzGL is supported.

Congrats you now have qe/ci, but if you notice many aspects of qe/ci arent there ( such as transparent menubar, coverflow in itunes, spaces lags, timemachine lags, and everything is still choppy.

This is where my problem lies, how do we fix the fact that it is all supported but we still dont have all the features?

Please leave any feedback you have, no matter how off the wall it is, it may be the thing that works.


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