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Openkore released

Posted by mafiaid on 4 January 2008

OpenKore version 2.0.5 has been released. This version has proper support for pRO (Philippines) and euRO (Europe).

The full list of changes are:

* Added ability to locate data files from multiple possible locations.
* Added lockdown mode.
* Fixed the ‘followBot’ feature.
* Added ‘StorageZeny’ for storage, and ‘zeny’ in ‘SelfCondition’. (thanks to 4epT and piroJOKE)
* Added serverType 19 and 20 to support pRO Valkyrie
* Added ‘teleportAuto_useItemForRespawn’ if set to 1 Kore will use Butterfly Wing to respawn.
* Added support for encrypted padded packets.
* Fixed many bugs.



3 Responses to “Openkore released”

  1. zrontho said

    mostly, i play motogp games for fun, and not ragnarok, cause i don’t have a crazy spec machine to run this game.

    anyway, how are you? be fine?

  2. Icak said

    kk koq udah di atur nama filnya jadi sering dc sih??

  3. jipank said

    swt…error BOT nya ga ada file fieldnya jadi diem BOT nya..hmmm…bales dunk hueheuheue..gimana cara nanganinnya??THX

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