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NDOutils on FreeBSD

Posted by mafiaid on 11 January 2008


This is a follow-up to several postings in the archives about getting
NDOutils to compile on FreeBSD. I suspect that other people will have
this problem, so I’m posting it here. I also suspect that this will
affect other operating systems, not just FreeBSD, but NDOUtils is
labeled “Experimental,” so we deal. 🙂

The problem is in ndoutils-x/include/config.h . The configure script
puts all the libraries under /usr/lib instead of letting mysql be
under /usr/local/lib. I edited config.h as shown, and ndoutils
compiled just fine.

#define USE_MYSQL 1
/* #undef HAVE_MYSQL */
#ifdef USE_MYSQL
#define HAVE_MYSQL 1

Compiles just fine. I haven’t tested it, mind you, but it compiles.

Perhaps someone with config-fu can fix this. If the Nagios developers
think it’s appropriate, I can file a bug report.

Michael W. Lucas


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